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Vitamin C:

Orange juice contains a large amount of vitamin C. One glass, 250 ml, containing an average of 100mg of vitamin C, 85% of the recommended daily allowance.
Vitamin C ensures the absorption of iron, the creation of connective tissue and contributes to a good resistance.


This plant substance, a flavanoid that also is in wine and chocolate, is an antioxidant that contributes to the optimal functioning of the circulatory system. Thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
The fabric improves the health of sensitive cells in the blood vessels. The risk of blockages in the blood vessels and stroke decreases remarkably.
Regularly drinking a glass of orange juice, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved blood circulation.


An important substance for the reproduction of new cells and helps in the healing process.


Potassium is a mineral, and is necessary for a proper functioning of the brains. This mineral plays an important role in the balance of the Ph-value of the body.
Especially for people who do a lot of physical effort, it is good for the muscles and mental wellbeing.

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